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High-Class Escort – Long or short meetings?

Here I am alone in my room, wearing a transparent outfit, getting ready to sleep and still thinking about a conversation I had today. What do high-class escort girls prefer, …

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How to express your love

How to express your love   Of course, it’s already a cliche to ask what is love, but this isn’t what we’re talking about today, but how to express it. …

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What a man wants

  Generally, one of the most popular question and dilemma at the same time for many men is what women want. I, as an escort in Wien, I can tell …

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How to treat a woman like a queen

Dear gentlemen, I like to believe that what makes a man a gentleman is the way he treats a lady. Many love to think of themselves as being gentlemen, but …

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The perfect night for me

Many people ask me how does a perfect night look for me. Like any other girl, I like to be spoiled, but I also I like to spoil the gentleman …

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I am very often asked what I love in bedroom , what excites me most, which things evoke passion in my fantasies and which are my expectations during our lovely …

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A new luxury hotel in town – Park Hyatt Hotel Wien

A new luxury hotel was opened in Vienna . Situated in the heart of Vienna, on the new pedestrian Goldenes Quartier and on the Am Hof Square Wien, Park Hyatt …

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Restaurants and Hotels in Vienna

Restaurants and Hotels in Vienna, Austria   Being an escort Vienna  enabled me to have the privilege of enjoying  some of the most impressive hotels & restaurants  in Vienna and ...
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The secret of success

"Put your heart, mind and soul into even the smallest action. This is the secret of success." Swami Sivananda As an absolute top class escort service lady in Vienna, I ...
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To be an independent woman

Every man has his fantasies and in every fantasy is still a very beautiful woman with a beautiful body, for which one would die. But while the man developed this ...
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