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I am very often asked what I love in bedroom , what excites me most, which things evoke passion in my fantasies and which are my expectations during our lovely encounter … Well my dear reader somehow today I decided to answer this question from a different point of view , not that point of view of a direct answer , not listed with “do and do not ” because it is definitely not my type and I would never enjoy a simple sequence of ideas or facts devoid of personality and passion .
My experience as a luxury escort Wien call girl gave me the opportunity to explore my sexual limits , to discover that the same red dress has a different effect on different man and each person offers an unique sexual experience of the same idea … It gives me a great pleasure to discover the man step by step and slowly seduce , pamper him during our meeting in a personal rhythm ended with a perfect orgasmic happiness of both of us …
Therefore if we never had the pleasure of meeting before  questions like : ” what you will do ” – ” how it will be our night together ?” can not receive a concrete and detailed answer because every encounter is unique by his excitement , circumstances , desires , level of worshiping beauty and sexuality but instead I can guarantee with my name and etiquette  of the best courtesan of Vienna that you will not regret any second in my company – rather you will want to see me again and again …
Dear gentleman therefore I consider very  important that we should have a relaxed meeting , unhurried time where me and you can give freedom to pure attraction between us without any pressure while you will find in the best way possible every answer to the questions referred earlier in this post … instead of a an array of services without any dedication or fineness.
 No two people are alike sexually … don’t think about it… just feel it –  let your body and spirit to enjoy your partner in million different ways without restraints … enjoy  your individual sexual desires behind cliches …

Your exclusive young blonde call girl , Elena Frances .

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