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Technology is everywhere these days and more prevalent and important in our lives than ever before. Most of us carry around a smartphone with access to all the information we could ever need at our fingertips. As well as information we also all have cameras. Remember the days when people wanted a camera? It seems like such a part of our everyday lives now it’s hard to imagine a time when people were aspiring to get their hands on a camera.

Photos are used to sell almost everything today and thanks to technology moving our experiences online photographs are used more than ever to sell services and products and when it comes to companionship the rules aren’t much different.

Now many escorts conceal their identities, therefore, their pictures are either blurred out or they have their heads completely cropped off the picture and although many escorts still have a lucrative profession while doing this studies have shown escorts who show there face and full body have a higher click and booking rate.

So what are some of the things you could do to improve your photo gallery and get a better response for your pics? Well, first of all, you have to understand the importance of your pictures to your clients and understand many of them will show interest early in you because of physical attraction.

So how do you get a better response to your photos? Well the first thing to do is:


Hire A Professional

If you can’t get your hands on a professional camera hire someone with one because this will improve your photo’s tenfold. Like we said, we all have camera’s on our phones but as good as they are, they don’t beat professional camera’s still, at least not yet. Phone cameras often suffer from poor lighting, poor composition, and poor focus and these are all negative qualities that will have people skipping your photo’s or not taking your business as serious.


Think About Your Pose

Like we said, a lot of initial interest in your profile before your clients read your bio and services will be down to physical attraction and it’s important if you want a booking that your photo’s cater to your client’s imaginations as much as possible. Posing in sexy positions your client might want to see you in, as well as thinking about where you place your hands and your facial expression, can help boost your chances of a client booking you.


Focus On Your Clothes

Attire is another thing to think about. Clients may book you for many different reasons ranging from dinner dates, to work functions, parties and everything in between so it’s important you cater to these different services through your gallery. Your gallery is there to show you off, so show off what you have in evening dresses, corporate outfits, sexy lingerie and even nude if you wish. Showing your client how good you look in different attires may have him booking you for more than one type of service.

So remember when taking your photos, do them professionally, think about your pose and show yourself off in different outfits and before you know it, clients will be ringing to book you regularly. Happy escorting!