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Dearest Clients,

When I meet a new client, I always want to show them that I am the sort of woman that is completely worth their time and money. This is why I always dress to show every client that I have the assets to entertain them. However, I am not the sort of Luxury Escort Wien Call Girl that will immediately show my lovers all of my treasures. Instead, I prefer to indulge in high-end fashions that will truly tantalise the taste buds of all my handsome gentlemen. Here are examples of some outfits you may see me in and where I will wear them.

A Little Black Dress

One of the most essential outfits for any woman is a Little Black Dress (LBD). A little black dress is perfect for any party, date or summer outing. After all, it is classy, flattering and highlights the beautiful curves of its wearer. Its simplicity makes your jewellery or accessories truly stand out, especially if they are different colours to contrast to the dress.

If you see me in this sort of dress, it will usually be on a first date or at a casual party scene. I love being able to subtly show off my body. After all, first impressions are incredibly important and I want my date to be impressed. A Little Black Dress will allow him the opportunity to truly show me off to his friends and colleagues. I will always make my clients look good with my dress sense.

Passionate Colours

My fashion style always demonstrates my moods, thus I simply adore indulging in bright and fiery colours. Reds, Purples, Blues, Whites and Blacks, each highlight how I wish to be seen as a passionate and vivacious sort of woman. Add a little sparkle to the bright fabrics and you will instantly be seen as a glamorous and fashion conscious companion. I always want my clients to look their best, thus any formal outfit or tiny tight dress must fit me perfectly and be the perfect bright colour in order to highlight my complexion. Bright colours also are a fantastic way to brighten up my mood, as I am always far happier when I know that I look perfect for my dates.

Velvet Material

There is nothing sexier than a dress or jumpsuit that is made out of velvet. It clings to the body, is soft to the touch and comes in a wide variety of sultry colours. I adore wearing dark purples, mauves and reds in this fabric as it truly can make an outfit complete if it is worn correctly. Some velvet outfits tend to crinkle extremely easily, thus it is essential to find a velvet outfit that will suit every contour of your body. That way you can always dress to impress, and also make your partner full extremely good when intimacy occurs between you.

But be warned, you may look fabulous but your dress can stand out like a sore thumb. This is why you need to ensure that the actual outfit you pick is one that does not look cheap. Bright colours and wrinkled velvet outfit with bulky sides can look extremely tacky. Be sure to pick a velvet dress or jumpsuit that will suit every inch of your beautiful body. That way your clients can truly appreciate you for the goddess that you are.

Furs and Fabrics

When it comes to the summer months, you want to dress up to feel like a high-end queen. Whilst this may mean that I wear quite a simple one piece or dress, but this does not mean that I do not want to stylise it up. This is why I try to indulge in a simple outfit designed and combine them with accessories, such as furs, shawls, jewellery, belts and jackets. Even the smallest accessory can add a little flair to your outfit and make you stand out as a true fashionista. For the best effect, try combining a dark simple outfit (such as black) with a vibrant red or blue jacket. Whether it is a fur jacket or leather, you will find that the outfit will compliment you perfectly and make you look fabulous.

This certainly works for me, so have fun exploring your inner designer!

Classic Lingerie

Nothing is sexier to my gentlemen clients than seeing me in my lingerie. Yes, it is easy to dress up to fulfil a man’s fantasies. But it takes a true beauty to use stockings and elegant silk underwear to make a man fall to his nears. I prefer to keep my lingerie style classic in order to highlight that I am a high-end beauty. Patterned silk and perfectly tailored bras emphasise all of my beautiful curves at both the back and front. So take your time to admire me, for my lingerie is not only to make me feel comfortable but to make sure your eyes have a feast whilst you are in my company

Your Style is your own!

My dear readers, always keep in mind that what styles work for me may not entirely work for you. After all, we all use fashion to highlight our personalities and show the very best sides of ourselves. Use your style to put your best foot forward and dress to impress. For you deserve to look and feel like a Queen.

Until Next Time,

Elena Francis