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Top Vienna Escort – The Roleplay

Audrey_Hepburn_Tiffany'sYes, today we are going to talk about a movie, a classic movie that even today is seen as part of the wonderful cultural heritage Hollywood offered during the years and it’s connection with all ladies that aim to be glamorous, luxurious and independent, especially with the Top Vienna Escorts. No, I don’t claim the movies has anything to do with the ” top Vienna escort” title which even today it seems to be a tabu one but it has everything to do with us, top vienna escorts, that care about our image and how men see and treat us.

I have seen the movie more times than I can count and this is for two reasons, first of all Audrey Hepburn is magical in this role, her role describes the lady that all men want and all women want to be. Second of all, I really think you can get more education that you think from a good movie. I won’t talk here about the movie and its story because there are tons of reviews online and the movie is so well known is really pointless in me talking about it. What I would to is to start with this topic and try to stir your imagination a little. How would you like to have your very own Breakfast at Tiffany’s date in 2018? Is it really possible?

Top Vienna Escort

Well, all Top Viena Escort ladies can tell you that it really is. Roleplaying is always fun and when you have the right topic things can be wild, funny and unforgettable. Something I know we all dream of, unforgettable moments. Guys, I am talking to you now….

top vienna escort Just imagine you dress up in a fancy suit, you wear your expensive and impressive cologne and drive a classic convertable in the heart of Vienna. You know some of the world’s top escort girl live here so you decide to do a google search and reach Elena Frances, your favoritetop Vienna escort . (Yes, yes I know I make myself the star … but her, is my website, my blog and my story… so… shush! lol). We set a date and together we start our day having breakfast at one of the finest places this town has to offer, there are quite a few and since I am lady I will let you choose the place. I show up dressed in a fancy tight red dress, my hair styling resembles Audrey’s style and my appearence make you think like you are the king of the world. Our conversation spins from topic to topic, all of them making you smile and giggle. We are off for a good start in this “movie like” day we have set our schedule for….

I could continue the story but where will the fun be? You know know you can reach my contact page and set up a date, do it like a gentleman and don’t think at the costs of a top Vienna escort, don’t think at what the people would say… just do it and enjoy the moment. Let’s rewrite this story in the most amazing way… I know we can do it. And to be honest, I am getting turned on just as I write this thing…. I know it can be something else. So don’t be shy, be my Paul for a day and I will be your Holly, but for the sake of this roleplay I need to tell you from the start, our scene won’t end with a kiss, it will end as naughty as we want it to end…


Hugs and kisses,

Elena Frances – Top Vienna Escort