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When it comes to our naughty little fantasies and fetishes we all have different ones and some of us like to experience our fantasies. For some of us dressing up or having someone dress up for us is definitely a way to indulge in these fantasies. You may fantasize about a teacher or co-worker and wish to experience a similar fantasy and that’s where companions are perfect.

Companions can dress up for you and play any role you want. So whether you’re a companion looking for great ideas or a client who’s looking for uniform ideas to propose to his gorgeous escort next, I’ve compiled a short-list of three great uniform ideas to try in the bedroom.

So in no particular order, let’s start with:


Maid For You

A classic costume here. The French Maid. The French maid has become a popular fantasy for many people as it’s been so over-sexualized in pop-culture and media that it’s instantly recognizable as a ‘naughty’ outfit. Due to its popularity, it’s easy enough to find and also easy enough to put together. It simply consists of black clothing with a white apron around the waist and if you have one, a feather duster to complete the ensemble.

Role: The role you can play here is that of an obedient maid who gets more than she bargained for with her overly-interested employer. Have some fun with some light domination and great costume play here.


Vitamin D

Another classic and arguably the most popular is that of the nurse. The naughty nurse has been a popular fantasy for decades and is one of the easiest costumes to find. The costumes range from realistic work uniform to very skimpy inspired nurse outfits. The costume generally comes in blue, white or red and can come with props such as a nurses hat or a stethoscope.

Role: The roles here can be reversed from an over-attentive nurse who wants to give her patient more attention than he expected or you can play a submissive nurse whose patient is naughtier than she thought.


Cop A Feel

The police officers uniform is another easy one to find and is possibly the most fun as it comes with a number of props such as a badge, a hat, a Kotch and even some handcuffs which can be incredibly useful in the bedroom.

The costumes for police officers range from realistic to barely anything. Some costumes can be lingerie with a police badge and hat so it’s very easy to find the one that suits you.

Role: You can either play a police officer abusing her power and taking control of her perp and be the dominant cop you’re client didn’t know he wanted or you could be a police officer who gets dominated by a criminal and has to submit. Either way, the police scenario is definitely a hot one.

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