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To my Darling Gentlemen,

When it comes to treating your luxury escort Wien Call Girl to the finer things in life, you may forget that she still enjoys a holiday over a trip to the opera or Michelin star restaurant. We still enjoy Halloween for what it is: An Excuse to dress up, go out for drinks with our favourite gentlemen and end up dancing the night away.

Here are some things that I am planning to do this Halloween:

Find the perfect costume

Whilst I always adore roleplaying and wearing a sexy costume, but Halloween calls for a costume with more finesse. Whilst most escorts will be wearing their corsets and fishnet tights, I always like to add a little sophistication to all of my outfits. Should I choose to be a vampire, then I must indulge in a skin-tight dress that shows my impressive cleavage, a gorgeous Gothic choker and my hair in a beautifully crafted bun. If I choose to go a little further, then I will even add some bite marks to my swan-like throat and some fangs behind my slightly pouted lips

Although this idea does appeal to my raw sexual prowess, I know of some gorgeous dresses and outfits in regards to a Sugar-Skull Costume. With the dresses being delicate with intense patterns of skulls and flowers, they are perfect for showing off my shoulder blades as well as a subtle hint of cleavage. When this is combined with the gorgeous face paint of the culture, I feel ready to indulge in the holiday and to go out on the town with my gorgeous gentleman caller.

Events for the Holidays

I’m not the sort of woman that can indulge in simply running after candy or playing a few tricks on my lovers. Instead, I want an evening of classy Halloween fun. Here are some places I have been considering visiting for the night:

    • Vienna Halloween Pub Crawl – Where my gorgeous lover and I can visit several classy Vienna pubs to indulge in some sweet treats and shots. By the end of it, I hope that I can simply dance close to my partner in a Halloween themed club.
    • The Halloween Parade– Filled with spooky floats, ghastly costumed dancers and brightly lit lights streaming all the way along the street, the music that accompanies this parade is literally “to die for.” I am ready to dance my way down the street straight into the arms of my lover!
    • Día de los Muertos en Austria *Weltmuseum-Crawl -For a “Day of the Dead” inside a museum, it is the perfect place to indulge in some Mexican traditional food, drink, dancing and theatre performances. It is the perfect place to try out my costumes!
    • Vienna ist Tropical– A unique Halloween experience with Caribbean themes with traditional music and cocktails to match the feeling. The Tiki heads are sure to be a spooky addition to this party!

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays of the year, and I truly am looking forward to spending it with only my favourite gentlemen.

Your High Class Escort,

Elena Francis