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Here I am alone in my room, wearing a transparent outfit, getting ready to sleep and still thinking about a conversation I had today. What do high-class escort girls prefer, a long or a short meeting? What are the pros and cons of these meetings? Hmmm, is not like I am an expert on the general perception of the regular Vienna escort but I can speak on my behalf, a young blonde that loves working as an independent high-class escort.

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I will not speak here about the financial part, the same way a Ferrari owner is not concerned about the fuel consumption of the car, the same way a high-class escort’s client will never worry about a meeting being too expensive, at least this is what I have learned during the years I offered my services for.

The short meeting is usually at hand and the best option for busy people, living in Vienna or near Vienna. People focused on the career and in need of a quick relief from the everyday stress and routine. I will never ever judge or make any differences between people applying for a 2 hours meeting versus the ones getting a 1-week meeting, all I can do is notice the pros and cons.

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When it comes to the short meeting the pros are that the client gets what he wants fast and he is ready to get back to the everyday life in no time, the cons, however, are given by the fact that in a short time you can never get a real connection. Time will be well spent just from a physical point of view only. Of course, for some, this is more than enough so they are happy with it. But I really consider that applying for an exclusive high-class escort service shouldn’t be focused just on the physical part, there is so much more to be explored between two people when there is time.

This is why I prefer the long-term arrangements, those meetings that last at least a couple of days where both of us can feel calm, secure and confident with each other. Those meetings where we can enjoy ourselves both as a companion and as a lover. This is when we share the real girlfriend experience and where we develop the best memories. The only con to this type of meeting, at least in my experience, is that is not lasting longer.

So in the end, which service is better? I really think both are perfect as they are, is a matter of choices and tastes and in the end, all that matters is for both parties involved to feel good with the time spent together.

I am getting tired now and I go to bed, I will dream about a perfect date that lasts two weeks. A date where I am being spoiled and I spoil the man I am with, a date where nothing else matters except us. A date that gives us the power to continue the everyday struggle in this crazy world of ours.

Maybe this dream will come true, maybe a generous gentleman with a big desire for fun and unique moments will read this and turn my dream to reality…

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Your high-class companion,

Elena Frances