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How to express your love


Of course, it’s already a cliche to ask what is love, but this isn’t what we’re talking about today, but how to express it. This is what I enjoy most, showing love and making other people showing theirs too. Because I tell you from my personal experience as a independent escort in Vienna, the most important thing is to share the wonderful moments and the connection you find between two people.


So how to express your love? The most simple answer and the most natural answer is: exactly as you feel it. Some men feel the need to be gentle, others to be more rough, but regardless of that, I learned to accept everybody’s ways and even to guide them into discovering other interesting ways to love. And I can tell you, nobody has been disappointed!


Perhaps the most natural thing in the world is to love. You can express your love through countless romantic or caring gestures. Even a small compliment can brighten a woman’s day and make her feel loved and wanted. Buying her jewelry or expensive things only lets her know that you think she deserves all the best, not cheap things, so think well before making a gift!


In my opinion though, sexual desire is the highest form of love and the most intense at the same time. Wanting someone can be one of the most flattering and beautiful feelings in the world, and I can tell you how much happiness this brings. Maybe this is why I am so happy with my passion as an escort in Wien, because I get to do what I love most: offering and receiving love, one of the greatest feeling and experience in the entire world! And honestly, I don’t know how many people can be so proud of having the unique opportunity of mastering the art of erotic and sexual love and making other people happy by sharing it.


Until next time, I wish you can find your true way of expressing yourself and knowing how to find love and enjoy it fully!


Hugs and kisses,

Elena Frances