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Dearest Gentlemen,

It can be difficult for any woman to prime herself up to your expectations when she is expecting a man’s company. There is the difficulty of choosing the appropriate outfit (or lingerie underneath), makeup choices, hair styling and then the journey to the date venue or to a private residence. However, if it’s all to attract the right man then it comes with such a wonderful rush of pleasure at the thought that you have been dazzled

However, you may be wondering about how, as a man, you are able to get the attention of the right girl. As a Luxury Escort Wien Call Girl, I am extremely attracted to my clients, and I certainly understand what parts of their appearances and demeanour truly stand out to me.

Make sure your cleanliness is up to scratch

Whilst most women are not too picky with their choices in men, they are certain things that they find attractive and others that will completely turn them off a man. For online dating, this is because of the “shopping mentality” we feel once we have all the options of men at our fingertips, such as on the platforms of Tinder or Grinder.

One of the main things that women can get choosy about is a man’s hygiene. Women like their men to look professional and well-groomed individuals. Yes, you may have physical flaws but if you try to tidy yourself up before the date, or in your normal informal attire, then this is sure to be noted. Greasy hair, bad odours, dirty clothes or unshaven faces (such as matted beards) will make your date want to run a mile

Put a little effort into your appearance and she will be taking in your every word. You don’t have to spend your money on the fanciest hairstyles or trimmed suits, but ensure that you look smart and the world will be your oyster.

Am I being respectful?

Now that vanities are out of the way, it’s important to look into your behaviour whilst on a date. Whilst it is important to be a “nice guy”, you do not want to devolve into a different sort of “Nice-Guy”, demanding sex immediately or simply pressurising a woman into dating you.

Respect is a big word and it’s important that you live up to its name. Your date is out with you because they have found a spark in you that they find attractive. By being rude or too demanding, that passion is soon to fade and make them want to run away.

Even small things, like being late to the venue without telling them, can give them subtle hints about your behaviour. Remember that your date will be watching your body language and how you act to others, as well as them. A good trick as well? If you want to appear respectful towards your date, either offer to split the check or ask to pay them back. That way they can see that you are happy to go double-dutch without a Gender Bias. They want a modern man and you are definitely reflecting these values.

Listen to her

This is an essential part of having a successful date, for a woman is not there just to dine and dash. You have asked her on a date because you want to get to know her, and you are not going to learn very much by talking over her or ignoring what she says. Get to know her and ask her questions about herself. If she speaks about deep or philosophical topics, jump on board and see if you can extend the conversation through your own thoughts and ideas.

This should allow you to ease into the flow of talking to her normally. By the end of the date, you will then have a fantastic idea about whether or not you want to see her again. Believe me, she will certainly be interested in seeing you for a second date.

At the end of the day, a date is a way to make both you and your date happy. It is only an added bonus if you are able to win the girl by the end of it. Be honest with yourself and your date. Even if she is swooning on you by the end of the date, do not lead her on. If you are not interested, be respectful and let her know. This is better than any future conflict

I wish you the best of luck upon your date and hope you now have many future successes with the opposite gender!

Kisses and Cuddles,

Elena Francis