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Dear gentlemen,

I like to believe that what makes a man a gentleman is the way he treats a lady. Many love to think of themselves as being gentlemen, but when they see a woman, they don’t know how to treat her. Thankfully, working as an escort in Wien, I have met lots of gentlemen who have impressed me with their manners and their consideration for women and I am glad to share with you some secrets today.


One great way of making a lady to feel heavenly in your company is to show her your love. Nothing makes a woman happier than showing her how much love and passion you have to offer and how wonderful a night with you can be. Feelings are very important for a woman, and if they come together with the physical pleasure, I can tell you it’s going to be a wonderful night she won’t forget.


Another tip I can guarantee you it will work is to be mannered. Nobody likes a man who doesn’t have style or manners, so whatever you do make sure you can make her forget about everything and be delighted with the attention you’re giving her. Manners also mean to compliment her and admire her beauty and sexuality. Remember, gentlemen, that women make lots of efforts to look good and to satisfy you, so you should show them that you appreciate it!


Last but not least, as an escort in Wien, I can tell you that every woman loves and deserves to be spoiled. Whether it’s luxury jewelry, a great romantic dinner or a holiday in an exotic destination, make sure you make the woman near you feel like she’s the most important person in the world! And you can bet  she will be grateful and will spoil you too with the most romantic and full of passion gestures she can think of.

Until next time,

Elena Frances