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The International Escort Journal

First Story

Today, I am going to speak a little about me and the way I see life. About me and the way I see education as a very important part of being a top international Escort and least but last, about me and my passion for reading and writing.

International Escort Elena FrancesFirst of all I will draw your attention to the movie “Dangerous Beauty“, for some it was a great love story and a great movie but for me, it was one of the main factors that made me want to work as an international VIP escort, geez… “escort”, I am not fancy for the term but I got to use it for google’s and my audience sake. I would much rather call myself a courtesan because more than an international escort, I like to be the girl the surprises you with her class, charm and intellect. No, this is not by no means bragging, is just who I am to be as a person. You see, for me, the meaning in life is not found in cliche things like “having a dream”, “making money” or discovering the answers to any of the millions of questions without an answer. For me, a meaningful life is one that you fill with knowledge, memories, good sex, good wine, parties, luxury location and holidays. And this movie that I just mentioned is one that I have seen first when I was way too young to understand the power of sex but at the perfect age to understand the power of education and how important it is for personal development, it was just what I needed and as you can see, it really helped me the woman that I am today.

Okay, so this was the intro, I know maybe I should elaborate more my opinions about life, but hey … if you really want to know them, maybe is time for you to schedule a date with me and find out by yourself, I am sure it would be a great conversation. I am also sure that the spicy things I believe about life will make you “horny” and this is just what I like, hihi 🙂


International Escort readingEducation. You need it to be a successful international escort? I know soooo many girls tend to believe that it doesn’t matter as long as you are beautiful, but then again they get upset when the guys don’t call for a second, third or 20th date. Could the intellect play a role in the interest a man shows to a woman? Well, that movie surely made me understand that indeed, this is maybe one of most important things guys actually hunt even if on the surface they play the “macho man” card and pretend to only care for the sex. Men get aroused on many levels, the visual level is the easiest to satisfy… A gentle move, a sensual moan, an accidental disclosure of a body part… all these are things that will get our men’s tool harder than Chinese math, I know it… as I said I am a professional escort, a modern courtesan…

But I also know that the same man will be aroused visually a few times, maybe a dozen, maybe fifty times but eventually their eyes get used with the scene and the same way someone living by the mountains dreams to sail the sea, they will soon dream to see new shapes and new bodies. One thing that will make any man stay and come back for more is a good sight, a good fuck followed by a long and interesting conversation with the woman that lays naked in front of him… I know, I know some of you might say: “Really, speaking to an international escort? About what?”


top vienna escort This is where the third part of the article kicks, see I love reading and I love writing as much as I love making love and seeing the world. There is no such thing like “about what?” when you are talking to me because my main motto in life is one that I actually seen portraited in the short Youtube Video Tim Minchin shared with the world and that is: LEARN AS MUCH AS YOU CAN ABOUT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. This is a guarantee that no one will ever be bored with you and also that you will never end up being boring to those around you. Would you ever thought you will be reading about education on an international escort personal website? I am so sure the answer is no. Do you think I got anything wrong? If the answer is again NO, then we can take this as a solid proof that what I said makes sense and education, along with reading and writing skills, beauty, sexuality and love have more in common than you may think.

I really hope you won’t stop here, is time for you to take a step forward and schedule a meeting with me, a meeting where both our bodies and brains can become ONE.

See you soon,