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The companionship industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the world and just like many professions in the world the industry is filled with lingo we use to communicate services and types of bookings. If you’re not familiar with any of the lingo used then don’t worry, I’ve got you covered as today we’re going to go through some of the terms used to describe particular services when making a booking.
So without further ado, let’s get into them starting with possibly the most common type of booking:



TGFE or GFE is The Girlfriend Experience and is possibly the most common of the bookings associated with companions. This type of booking is designed to replicate any experience you would normally have with your significant other. This can be anything from watching a film to some intimate one on one fun.



The DFK booking stands for Deep French Kissing. Many people have an ill-informed stigma about companions that they don’t like to kiss their clients. This is false and just like everything companions offer, it’s a service and one you should donate too if you wish to experience it. Kissing is a part of the experience and the experience requires a donation.



The PSE is like the girlfriend experience but a lot hotter and more intimate. It stands for the Porn Star Experience so that should tell you everything you need to know about this hardcore booking, Deep french kissing, deep throats and generally X-rated activity is what is included in the PSE, Sometimes this can include a real pornstar which is why the experience can be pricier than normal.



Normally when you hear the term A-Level it refers to something of top quality or of the highest standard and although companions are often described as high-class and elite, A-level in this industry simply refers to an anal. This isn’t something all escorts offer and isn’t something that’s part of the normal GFE which is why it’s classed as a separate service altogether.



OWO stands for Oral Without and simply means nothing beyond oral. Some clients don’t wish to go any further with there companions and are happy to receive some great deep throat and be satisfied with that, and for companions like me who love using our throats, this is perfect.



OWO is Oral without and RO is reverse oral. Again, like everything escorts offer, it’s a service and if you want to experience going down on your gorgeous companion, and this may be all you want to experience you can go for an RO booking.

So there we have it, next time you’re confused by all the letters and not sure what any of the services really are, you can refer to this and be an expert and hopefully get the booking you’ve dreamed about.


Thank you for reading, good luck and happy booking!