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To my Darling Readers,

A New Year is the chance to start a new beginning and 2019 is no different. Whether it is to start you off on the pathway to improve your image, add a little boost to your self-esteem, or even to spend more time with your loved ones, there is so much that you can accomplish in the New Year.

For myself, as a Luxury Escort Wien Call Girl, I have my own goals that I am so excited to begin, including seeing more of all my charming clients, spending more time out in different cultural venues. including operas, theatres and historical venues, as well as taste more diverse cuisines from some of the finest restaurants in Austria. What are your own plans?

Loving Bonds and Ties

One of the happiest blessings that anyone can have is knowing that they have a strong network of family and friends to help them achieve the best versions of themselves. Your family and friends are there to inspire you to become a better person, but will always remain diligent in loving you for everything that you are. So take your time in 2019 to love and appreciate them. You can always spare a few hours during the day or evening to plan a small outing or a visit to their homes. They will always appreciate the time you have taken to see them.

Romantic Sparks

Finding love can be a daunting prospect, but should you find it then it can be one of the most rewarding feelings that anybody can have. A lot of my clients feel very shy around women or struggle to know how to properly woo a woman without appearing too overbearing or Full on. But fear not, for I will never judge you and am always here to ease you into the idea of meeting a new partner.

Take your romance slowly and build up to asking that special someone out on a date. I would be more than happy to go out on a few dates with you myself, and will even give you a few tips on how to move forward with your romantic advances. Once you feel confident and ready, then you can crack out your phone and sign up to some dating agencies! From there, if you find a date that you like, you know that you will be ready to meet her and woo her from the moment you say hello.

Cultural Excitements

Of course, everyone wants to feel like a suave and sophisticated culture lover, but there is only so much time during the day that you can use to indulge. After all, with a busy job and social life, it can make it difficult to have some alone time to appreciate the arts.

Although you may have to save trips out to cultural monuments, museums and art galleries to your day off, the majority of cultural performances (such as music and theatrical performances) are held during the evening time. That way you can finish your day job and then simply indulge in your favourite past times with your friends, loved ones or even out on a date. This ensures that you can retain your busy social life without having to miss out on your favourite theatrical performance when it comes to your city.

Intellectual Intrigue

Once you start on your career path, you may become concerned that there will be very little time left in the day for learning new skills. But worry not! There is always a time to take a break from your busy schedule to indulge in life’s most interesting puzzles. Whether you want to learn a new skill set or simply want to take the time out to read a new book, use your work breaks to each break out your sketch pad or your book. That way you can truly relax whether you are at work or at home.

However, if you find it is becoming a little overwhelming to balance your hobbies alongside your work, then start scheduling your day more effectively by timetabling it out in excel spreadsheets. That way you can see when the best time in the day will be to pencil in some intellectual self-loving.

Self Improvement

We all have darker moments in our lives where we wish that we could change something about ourselves. Whether that is a physical attribute, a social skill or even just improving a certain skill set, it can be difficult to keep up with our aims and ambitions as they can appear too daunting to sometimes even start.

The main reason why so many people get put off achieving their goals in the new year is due to how big of a challenge the whole prospect it. Losing weight, finding a new job, making the time to spend with loved ones or family members can add a lot of stress to your life, especially if you see it as a large hurdle to overcome. This is why it is essential for you to take your dreams and ambitions into smaller steps.

Break them up into smaller goals and take baby steps towards a bigger ambition. For example, if you want to spend more time with your partner or lover, start by scheduling out your day efficiently. If you have to go to work, then organise a date where they can meet you directly outside of your business building. That way you can spend more time with them and go directly to a restaurant or bar of your choice to start your passionate rendezvous. You can even bring them with you on business trips and spend some much-needed intimacy with them in your hotel room.

Dream Big but always Start Small. That way you will always be able to keep up to date on your goals and ambitions. It will take a long time to achieve them in 2019, but you have a whole year to get you started! So always do what feels right to you and begin with tiny steps to build up to large strides.

Start 2019 as your Best Self!

Whenever I visit a client, whether they are new or old, I always aim to look my best and feel stunning. For 2019, I fully intend to keep up this sparkling image so that all of my handsome clients always feel proud to see me on their arm. I will always make the time spent with me worthwhile.

Until Next Time,

Elena Francis