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One of the best things about being alive in today’s day and age is the incredible amount of access we have to information and how there is literally a service for everything. You can pay someone to do almost anything for you today and people are definitely taking advantage of this. Everyday people hire themselves out to do different services. Be it independently or with a larger company, people are willing to get paid for everything now and pay someone else for everything and our needs shouldn’t be any different, right?

People hire companions for all kinds of reasons and it’s not always for the reasons you might think. Today I thought it would be a fun idea to talk about some of the various reasons people book companions. In no particular order let’s start with a classic:


The Girlfriend Experience

The girlfriend experience is the most commonly booked of the services and basically consists of anything you may normally do with a significant other but with a gorgeous companion. The girlfriend experience is ideal for many busy clients and for people who want the experience but don’t want to dedicate themselves to a new person or to a long relationship.


Dinner Dates

Some people book companions simply for a dinner date. Again, you may not want to dedicate yourself to learning a new person and entering a relationship but you may find yourself craving some company with a beautiful woman and having a romantic dinner. This can be easily arranged.


Work Functions

Aside from the girlfriend experience and dinner dates you can also book a companion for a work function. This is a popular booking as many clients feel like they’re too busy to court a woman and try to get to know her before possibly taking her to a work function. It’s far easier to book the woman of your dreams and have her accompany you to any function you want.



As well as work functions general events are also a popular booking. Many clients book escorts to accompany them to weddings or other general events such as a charity ball or art shows.



We all have our own different fantasies and fetishes that we’re into and some of us are even lucky enough to experience these fantasies. For other people, the opportunity to live out one’s fantasy doesn’t always present itself which is why people hire companions who are willing to participate in their fantasy. This can be anything from a threesome to role-playings such as experiencing a naughty nurse, teacher, school-girl, cop or many more.



Lastly, it can be purely about companionship. Some people want nothing more than to be in the presence of a stunning woman for a few hours, have some great conversation and some quality time and there’s nothing wrong with wanting that without wanting a relationship which is why escorts make the perfect companions.

If you would like to book me for any of these reasons please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can go to the contact section of my website and fill in the booking form. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Happy Booking!