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Dearest Readers,

One of the things I simply adore about Austria is its attitude towards its cultural treasures. As Kate Jackson has said, in her article on Culture Trip, “although Italy is the official birthplace, Austria has become equally synonymous with the art form” of Opera. This is why when you come out to Vienna to visit me, one of the things that we just have to do is to be entertained by one of the spectacular shows at the Wiener Staatsoper.

As a Luxury Escort Wien Call Girl, the Wiener Staatsoper is one of my favourite locations for a date, as only the most sophisticated of patrons decide to indulge in the musical talents of the greatest historical composers. Here are some examples of the best operas we should visit during our date.

Gioachino Rossini: Barber of Seville

For the true operatic connoisseur, what is truly magnificent about these performances is the emotion that they inspire. Whether they are a comedy or tragedy, each plot presents a dramatic story that remains in the mind of the audience even when the performance is over.

This is what makes The Barber of Seville such as a wonderful performance. Not only is it a comedy, but its overdramatic humour makes it extremely memorable. You will simply adore the vivacious beat of the music, as well as the hilarious character of Figaro, the local barber who tries to secure the marriage of Almaviva and Rosina. You will find yourself laughing all the way through the opera and may even notice a few classic numbers you start humming along to!

Giacomo Puccini: Tosca

Puccini was truly a master of tragedy and romance, a musical genius that focused his talent on 19th-century romantic Italian opera. That is why should we choose to go to the opera for our date, we should certainly see Tosca.

Tosca’s story surrounds Rome in 1800. Scarpias, a Chief Constable, reigns terror over the capital and holds a painter (Cavaradossi) captive unless his lover, Tosca, is intimate with him. She agrees but ends up murdering him after she finds out that he has shot Cavaradossi. The play ends in tragedy with Tosca throwing herself from the pinnacle of Castel Sant’Angelo.

With the dramatic power of music, the violence is made even more haunting and thus sticks in the mind of the audience. It is certainly a classic that is worth witnessing, especially as Vienna’s opera houses only the house the most talented of singers.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Idomeneo

If you are a lover of Classic History and Mythology, then you will simply adore Mozart’s Idomeneo. Not only is it filled with romance, tragedy and a fantastic range of voices, but you will simply adore its references to the history of Troy and its destruction. I, myself, am a fan of Greek and Roman mythology, thus love the power and drama that accompanies this piece. It is one of Mozart’s finest works and truly looks forward to indulging in its beautiful melodies, alongside one of my handsome clients.

Giuseppe Verdi: Falstaff

A Comic Opera that retains the classic humour of the 19th Century is Guiseppe Verdi’s Falstaff and is the perfect thing to see at the Wiener Staatsoper if you are looking for high-end opera that indulges in the jocularity of life. Set with three acts that show the progression of Falstaff, an overweight knight, and his quest to woo maidens and assist the love lives of additional couples with the help of a little magic, you will find yourself overwhelmed with the beauty of the singing and the upbeat tone of the music.

I would simply adore seeing this production with any of my handsome clients, as it is a show that is sure to fill the evening with wonder. The only thing that can make it better is by sharing a bottle of wine as the performance unfolds.

Richard Strauss: Salome

For a slightly more modern production that is filled with Passion, Lust, Drama, History and Anguish, Salome is the perfect tale of tragedy that is fit to make a fantastic impression on any lucky viewer. Salome is a lustful character that is filled with raw sexuality and a vivaciousness in obtaining anything that she desires. The strength of this top soprano in relation to the strength of this character leaves a lasting impact on any sort of audience member. This is certainly an opera worth witnessing with my handsome clients. Contact me today and we can schedule how we can squeeze in a gorgeous pre-theatre dinner before we can relax and enjoy this show.

Ever-Lasting Opera for all

The Opera Theatre is the perfect place to have a date. After all, it sets the mood with its gorgeous lighting, beautiful scenery and enticing performances. Whilst I would be more than happy to go and see any of my own suggestions if you have any operas that you would like to suggest for a date, feel free to let me know. I would be more than happy to accompany you to one of the finest entertainment venues in Vienna. It would be my pleasure.

Until Next Time

Elena Francis