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My Dearest Readers,

When you are ready for a slightly more intimate encounter with someone you adore, you may start to panic about the power dynamics that are waiting for you in the bed. Questions like “What if I am too dominant?” or “Will he think I am a Pillow-Queen?” may flash through your head and ultimately ruin your mood.

But do not worry, this is a common thing for any woman during any sort of intimacy. As a luxury escort Wien call girl I understand how it can be difficult to reveal to your latest partner what sort of things heat you up, especially if you both prefer a specific role.

Keep Calm and Enjoy the Moment

One of the main suggestions that I would give to any lovely lady is to relax and keep calm about approaching the topic. Your partner may want to drag you into the sheets immediately but it’s always best to be honest if you want to have a good night. Tell him whether you prefer to be a dominant force of nature or whether you want to lie down and let him take you on a wild ride.

If the passion has already started and you’re feeling a little nervous about understanding what he wants, look into his body language and see how he is acting during the intimacy. The easy way to spot whether or not he is a dominant partner is to see if he pulls you into his arms and leads the foreplay. Many submissive men often wait to have their partner initiate the contact. This will give you a silent indicator of how he wants you to treat him.

If there is a certain atmosphere that is lacking within the room that you need to obtain the peaks of pleasure, then why not also try dressing for the occasion? Whether you don on a white lace corset or a tight leather dress and boots, each of these costumes can indicate whether you want to have a dominant or submissive position. You can hardly imagine a leather dominatrix lying on the bed and looking bored, now can you? You can even buy something special for your partner to encourage them to take on a new role in the bedroom, or even just use his tie as a makeshift handcuff to keep him submissively tied to the bedposts.

Respectful Requests

One of the worst scenarios in regards to power play is when you have two dominants or two submissives in the bedroom. Of course, you want to treat your darling gentleman to a night he will never forget, but by the end of it, there will always be that itch you just can’t scratch. Be open about it with him. If you are both willing to be flexible and willing to change roles to satisfy the other, then you will both end up being fulfilled and obtain a wonderful compromise.

So, enjoy your night dear ladies and gentlemen. Remember to always be thoughtful towards your partner and treat them with respect. That way, you both will enjoy each other’s company and will be always ready to re-invite each other into your arms.

Your exclusive young blonde call girl,

Elena Francis