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My Dearest Gentlemen

As Halloween approaches, I feel the urge to explore the darker side of Vienna, as opposed to my normal passionate liaisons being undertaken in a fancy cafe or restaurant. Whilst it is fun for any Luxury Escort Wien Call Girl to be wined and dined under soft candlelight and romantic music, seasonal dates can be extremely fun and very unique. Halloween is the perfect time to explore some architectural beauties and some unnamed horrors. Here are some examples of the places I am dying for you to take me to this Halloween.

Moosham Castle

When it comes to travelling, I simply adore being taken to gorgeous landmarks by my favourite clients. Moosham Castle is a 17th-century masterpiece of a castle holds a plethora of art and sprawling landscapes. However, its history is gruesome and simply perfect for a Halloween trip. Known as a place where witches were placed on trials, many of its visitors can still feel their ghostly touches if they enter the torture room within the castle. There is even a ghost named Henchman Toni, who lives in the torture room after he sold to his soul. He apparently is still lurking in the castle to this day

This castle is a combination of horror and delight. Its location is simply stunning whilst its past is gruesome. If I get too scared of this castle then be sure to hold me close to keep me safe, for I will feel so much better when I am in your arms

The Hofburg-palace

Located in the centre of Austria, The Hofburg-Palace is a tourist favourite due to its grand interior, historical paintings and treasures and its gorgeous gardens.

However, when I visit with one of my favourite clients then it will be to go ghost hunting. A spectre of a White Lady is said to stalk the halls of the palace, being a family ghost that appeared to announce the deaths of loved ones. Some even say that she guards a hidden treasure in the basement of the palace, however, since the end of the monarchy in 1918, she has not been witnessed as much. If we are lucky we may be able to leave with not only a ghost story but a little-treasured secret between us!

The Cemetary of the Unnamed

Known as one of the eeriest places in Vienna, the Cemetary of the Unnamed is located just out of town. The river nearby often washed out unnamed drown bodies onto the shore, thus they were buried and remained anonymous in their deaths. If we are brave enough and choose to visit the graveyard, it is said that the souls of the dead are meant to haunt it incessantly, being forced to endure their ghostly afterlives without any chances of peace.

Shadowy creatures are meant to stalk this graveyard and follow you around if he finds you. Sometimes you can even hear voices emanating from the graves themselves, some being warnings whilst others wanting visitors to leave. If we are not brave to have a picnic in this graveyard, then perhaps we can make a quick visit to a cafe afterwards to talk about our experiences?

A Spooky Dating Scenario

Whilst some of these experiences can be awfully frightening, they are the perfect way to get to know a new date or even create some fun memories of our adventures. Either way, I am excited to take a trip out with some of my favourite clients all in the spirit of Halloween.

Hugs and Kisses,

Elena Francis