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Dearest Darlings

When you take out an escort for a first date, we do have expectations that need to be fulfilled. Dressing nicely, taking us to a nice environment, confident conversation and acting like the perfect gentlemen will certainly win you a lot of points with your date, as they certainly do work for me as a Luxury Escort Wien Call Girl, but sometimes it can go a little too far. Be sure not to go overboard and act like yourself, unlike some of these poor gentlemen who went just a little too far to try and impress their date

Poetry has no Limits

Whilst poetry to woo a beauty does have a time and a place, it should be before a date through a romantic letter rather than through an interjection of a conversation. This poor Reddit User had her date stop her mid-sentence only to get out his journal and write a completely random poem about his date. It was only when he was done did he allow her to continue with her conversation.

This is not only extremely rude but it really does not have a place at the dinner table. Whilst a woman does adore having her appearance complimented, this certainly takes it too far.

Bodily Strength

There is a time and a place to impress your escort with your physical appearance. Your date will be expecting you to look clean-cut and well-dressed, but if you also have kept in shape, then this will be a bonus.

However, if your date is not at a beach or a swimming pool or somewhere very warm, it would be best to keep all physical activities down to a minimum. Unfortunately, for one poor date, the conversation was interrupted for the male partner to suddenly jump down and do 10 press ups to prove his “manly prowess.” Whilst this can be impressive in the bedroom, it is not appropriate for any sort of dating activity unless your date is extremely casual and you are both going to the gym to work-out.

Little Lies

One of the main things you should never do on a date is lying to your escort or partner. They are there because they have seen something in you that they like; a spark that they want to explore and get to know because they enjoy what they see. Introducing lies into the relationship, especially so early on, can cause nothing but trouble later on.

This poor date when down the drain when the male partner tried to impress his date by quickly assembling together a mineral and fossil collection. He then pretended to be extremely interested in minerals and rocks so he could brag to his date about it, even though he was certainly not interested and was only looking to impress her.

If you are caught in the act of lying about yourself, your hobbies or life, then this can make you look extremely silly once you are found out. What is the point of lying when you are trying to make her like you? Your date or escort will not like you if you do not tell her truth. Instead, you may potentially ruin the relationship with her.

Rules and Regulations

You must remember that both you and your escort having dating histories, so some may be feeling more exposed and vulnerable when pursuing a romantic relationship. So try to give the benefit of the doubt when talking about your private lives or previous flames.

However, this can go out of control if your date becomes so apologetic that they begin creating PDFs and essays on why you should date them and what are the benefits of a relationship with them. This date soon went sour because of the male partner’s email that proposed why they would be very good together, a proposition of why a real date would be beneficial and an apology for all the “transgressions” that were made upon the date.

If you become too apologetic on a date then it can make the female party start to feel uncomfortable as it will raise the tension too high for either of you to relax and enjoy the evening. Just enjoy her company and have fun, its the best way to break any negative atmosphere in the room.

Concluding Thoughts

Every escort understands how intimidating it can be to encounter your first date. However, there is truly nothing to fear, in fact, you should be so excited to have such a beautiful woman on your arm that your confidence should be through the roof.

I hope that all my gentleman callers will continue to be charming and completely irresistible, unlike some of the people in the stories mentioned previously.

Hugs and Kisses,

Elena Francis