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Dearest Gentlemen,

Have you ever been curious about what it takes to seduce a woman over dinner? Whilst it can be impressive to be taken to Michelin star restaurants and taste the finest cuisine, it takes a lot more work to create the paradise your gorgeous Austrian escort needs to fully indulge in your company.

Choose your restaurant appropriately

As I am luxury escort Wien call girl, I have been to a multitude of restaurants around Vienna and Austria in general. From relaxed settings to fully candlelit dinners, each setting presents an atmosphere and can either break or make your date. If you pick a restaurant with a grubby interior, poor quality service and cooking, then you will certainly leave a sour taste in her mouth, to the point where your escort may not want to see you again.

Be sure to look up reviews or try out the restaurant yourself before you take your darling companion to it. Your escort only deserves the best of restaurants and does not want to be distracted by a poorly cooked meal. Instead, she wants to be able to fully focus her attention on you and only have happy memories of the night.

Atmosphere is everything

To extend upon the appropriate restaurant choice, be sure to pick a venue that would appropriate for a girl of such class. It may be a little odd if you take an escort out to a relaxed cafe when she has dressed up in a formal outfit and is expecting high-tea or a fancy restaurant. Pick the atmosphere that would best suit your evening. If you want you can even ask for her opinion on whether she knows any nice restaurants she would like to visit. This will win you some love-points as it will make her feel valued for her opinion.

Think of how to dress

This may seem a little obvious, but if you want to make a good first impression then be sure to dress for the occasion. A suit can make a man look stunning and can honestly make an escort feel like she is in safe hands for the night.

Conversation Topics

Every escort, like myself, is unique in their personalities. We know how to talk and have prepared ourselves to have fun getting to know you over dinner. But are you ready to get to know us? Think of some conversation topics to avoid any “awkward silences” so that you can get to know your dream girl. You can even think of some compliments, but be sure not to overdo it! Everything is nice in moderation.

If you have thought of some conversation topics, try not to ramble through them like you are reading from a script. What you need is a nice leisurely pace to create a relaxed atmosphere. That way you can naturally fall into the conversation and simply enjoy your escort’s company

Should you pay?

In the olden days, a stereotypical approach to dating was to have the gentleman caller pay for the full meal. Whilst I still see this as very charming, it sometimes can be seen as an insult. Dating Expert, Melanie Schilling, has even said:

“Today, it is impossible to predict a person’s beliefs on gender roles in dating. It doesn’t pay to make assumptions and the best approach is to split the bill on the first date, at least until you can get a read on where you both stand.”

This is fantastic advice to any gentleman that lands himself in this situation. Be sure to offer first but do not push it if your gorgeous escort wants to pay for herself. That way you can subtly make sure to avoid any negative gender stereotypes. Remember that your escort is a strong independent woman and wants to enjoy the night as much as you do.

A Dinner Date is a Perfect Place to get to know your Companion

Personally, I simply adore dinner dates. The soft romantic candlelight, the gentle hum of conversation from other tables and the delicious dishes that I get to try. A dinner table is a perfect place to get to know your beautiful escort, so be sure to simply indulge in the moment. As this is what I do and why I simply adore all of my gentleman callers.

Hugs and Kisses

Elena Francis