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To My Darling Readers,

Christmas is just around the corner and I am so excited to be spending it with my friends, family and, of course, my handsome clients. There is nothing more romantic at Christmas Time than a passionate rendezvous or an intimate date at a high-end restaurant. That is why this is my favourite season to be out with any of my gentlemen. For the soft patter of snow in Austria, coupled with the warm glow of the Christmas lights and decorations in Vienna is truly the perfect time to create the perfect winter dream.

Warm Drinks and Delightful Chatter

Of course, with an abundance of snow and cold weather comes the perfect time to warm up with a winter drink. As a Luxury Escort Wien Call Girl, I am fortunate enough to have my darling clients take me to some of the classiest and most expensive restaurants in Vienna, but nothing can beat the feeling of Hot Cocoa or Mulled Wine after you have taken a walk in the snow. It is a feeling that warms you up fully, both inside and out. I find that it is especially pleasant to hold the warm cup to warm up your cold hands, but would be more than happy to hold my client’s hand for the same experience.

Christmas time is about indulging in simple pleasures, whether that be by holding a lover’s hand on a Christmas walk or just by sipping a Hot Chocolate whilst watching the snow drift down. Couple this experience with a warm fire to snuggle close in front, then you have a romantic scene that will allow for a few blissful hours of peace and tranquillity.

Beauty in Decor

Another reason why Christmas is one of my favourite holiday seasons is the decoration. Not only do I always make sure that my home is completely pristine, just in case any of my clients wish to stay over, but I do adore being able to hang up Christmas Decorations and also put up my Christmas tree. The bright colours of the tree always bring a warm feeling into any house, as well as any amusing Christmas Decorations that can be added to the shelves and windows of my home.

Decorating your home should be about bringing in Christmas cheer into your home. The bright lights and funny decorations should always be inviting and will always fill your guests with glee when they are entering your house. Christmas time is the best time to have guests, for not only can they always feel welcome in your home, but once you have your Christmas drinks, they may not want to leave!

Christmas Romance

Everyone wants to step out under the mistletoe with their lover, but I find it more romantic to take my clients out for dates that are filled with Christmas Fun. Parties are one thing, but the Christmas Season can provide some truly unique dating ideas. Take a romantic walk in the snow, go ice skating, locate fun Christmas Markets to buy some quirky Gifts. By just going out to a restaurant, there will always be a Christmas Special that you and your partner can indulge in. So go out and have lots of fun with your partner, for who knows when your intimacy will blossom.

Close Bonds

Whilst you may want to have some personal time at Christmas, never forget that the Christmas Period should be a time that you should spend with friends, family and loved ones. Take a few hours out of your day to visit your special someone or even just a friend that you have not seen in a while. Even if it takes a little while to get to their home, your visit will certainly be appreciated, especially if you bring a small gift (like a bottle of wine), that you can drink whilst you catch up. Be sure to always appreciate your friends and family at this time of year, even just a quick phone call can show them that you are thinking about them, which is all they need.

Relax and Enjoy!

After working hard throughout the year, you truly deserve a rest. This is why I am ready to help pamper you and make you feel rejuvenated during the Christmas Season, whether you want to go out for a date or just cuddle up in my house to keep warm in the snowy weather.

Hugs and Kisses,

Elena Francis