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Hello Darlings

Have you ever closed your eyes to find yourself lounging on the soft white sands of a silky beach? Or perhaps you have fallen asleep and been transported to a jungle where the peaks of a temple are just winking out of the foliage of green trees. Better yet, maybe your fantasies have allowed you to dive down into the deepest of oceans to allow you to see all the marine life that your mind has to offer. It is so disappointing to wake up and find that all these dreams were all inside your mind

Like any woman, I dream of the places that I haven’t yet travelled to for a stunning holiday. However, not on my own. As a luxury escort Wien call girl, I adore being able to travel to the most sophisticated and cultured heritages that Austria has hidden away with my partners. However, despite the gorgeous opera theatres, operas, art galleries and coffee shops, I have dreams of being taken abroad by one of my most treasured gentlemen.

Here are some ideas of the places that I just long to experience:


Where else can a gorgeous escort like myself get a tan whilst remaining surrounded by culture? Morocco.

Casablanca is a treasure trove of sandy landscapes, camel tours, spice markets and gorgeous mosques, But what is even better is the food, a combination of Arba, African, Persian and even French cuisine. Whether you want to relax or explore the country whilst remaining cool in the shade, Morocco is the perfect place to make some happy memories with any of my favourite dates.


You may be wondering why out of all the cultured places, I would be interested in travelling to an obscure place like Bolivia. Well, whilst Bolivia does have a fantastic restaurant and drink culture, it is also home to some of the most interesting landmarks that are unique to the country, including the Bolivia Witch Market, the Great Train Graveyard, Valle de Las Animas and the Valley of the moon. All are categorised by their haunting appeal. White and chalky, looking as if they are from another world entirely, they all have an eerie essence about them. However, there is one Bolivian gem that I am just aching to experience with one of my most treasured gentlemen.

The Bolivian Salt Flats are the very essence of magic. Looking like one giant mirror, due to the salt and water upon its surface, it can reflect the sky making the world around you look like you are simply floating on the air.

Whilst some people leave this trip feeling very small, I hope that one I day I can visit it, and even get some modelling pictures whilst I am there for all you lovely gentlemen to see.


Chinese culture is tailored towards the ideas of spiritualism, mysticism and even encounters with the dead. Its present culture is based upon the ideas of the past, making China the perfect place to visit for its traditionalism during the day and intense party culture at night (such as with its Ladyboy cabaret culture in Thailand.)

When it comes to picking specific locations in China to visit, it is just so difficult to decide. The entire country is a thing of beauty. From the gorgeous marbled Zhangye Danxia Land formations in Gansu to the solemn mist around the Li River and its nearby Tianzi Mountain range, every day spent in this country presents a range of new places to discover, exotic food to eat and local clothes to buy. It is the perfect place to visit within the east, especially if you aim to enjoy the night as well as the day.

So many choices, what is a girl to do?

It can get tiring visiting so many places, but an exotic date week is an appealing prospect for an escort. I do not want to be too greedy and am already thankful that the city I live in, Vienna, is a glorious menagerie of culture, fine art and even finer men.

Until next time my loves,

Elena Francis