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Vienna Escort – The Wishlist

I was actually wondering what else should I talk about on my blog, this favourite place of mine, the place where I get to show you guys what being a Vienna Escort means. Being crazy about sharing with you guys my ideas, favourite movies, stories and glamorous lifestyle bits of advice I found myself forgetting to open up a subject that should be found more often on my blog, ME! The voluptuous, charismatic, friendly, naughty and always fun Elena Frances, independent Vienna Escort.  No, today I won’t be telling you about things of the past, today we will focus on the future and a few of the things I want to try in 2018 and why.

Vienna Escort

Vienna Escorts and all escorts, in general, share a mutual hobby, a guilty pleasure that is for sure one of the very first things that is pushing us in becoming modern courtesans… that hobby is TRAVELING and boy, oh boy… I love travelling. This is why if there is one thing I want to do in excess this year, that is to travel. Where? Oh, believe me, I would be writing a second version of the Sho-Gun if I would start to name all the locations I want to see and why they are on the list. Is easier for me to tell you that I find a good reason to visit almost all the countries where I am invited, I had my cute little ass frozen when visiting the Northern countries and loved it the same way I loved to feel like I am melting in the beautiful Dubai and the surrounding desert. Yes, I know many guys are choosing quick escort services when searching for the best Vienna Escort but I will always have a soft spot for those players that do know their game and how much more fun along meeting can be. So, if you plan to travel this year and you find yourself alone, don’t be… I am a click away, Elena Frances the Vienna Escort that loves to travel.


Second on my 2018 wishlist is….. can you guess? Hmmm, could it be shopping? Travelling and Shopping, these two go hand in hand and this is why these two are among my favourite activities. First of all, I am not treating shopping as “something I do to kill some time” on the contrary, I am using my “little pleasure” to dig as much as I can in any culture I interact with. Let’s say I visit Switzerland, I will look for the best things that a specific country has to offer, no matter if we talk about jewellery, clothing or a symbolic memory and add them to my collection. This year I hope to add some fancy things and I am open for suggestions. Don’t you think my cute smile and the sensual nights I am offering are a good motivation for you to schedule a long holiday with me where you can offer these two favourite activities of mine on a single package? Can you imagine how happy a Vienna Escort can be if she gets to also travel and shop in her favourite stores? I know you can, the same way I know you are already looking on  for the best destination and period of time for something that is going to be a journey impossible to forget! 🙂

Vienna Escort Shopping Elena Frances

This is also the year when I plan to open my own business, but this is something I will talk about when the time is right. 🙂

Cars. I love cars, this is why not only that I want to drive and test some of the most luxurious automobiles in 2018 but I also hope to participate at a race. No, not the Fast and Furious illegal onesCar Girls ( even if I do love both the movies and the cars in the franchise) but in one of the many legal races held around the globe. I don’t know if I will be lucky enough to participate in the Gumball 3000 with a luxurious Ferrari but who knows, maybe someone from there is reading this line and wants to make me happy, hehe! 🙂

Concerts, Clubs and Festivals. Yes, I plan on having some fun also, don’t think that if I write more about cozy, elegant things I don’t have a wild side also. Heck, I am not called The Lioness for no reason, I just love to have fun and forget about everything for a while, so one thing is for sure, FUN has a special place on my 2018 wishlist…

Yes, I know that this wishlist doesn’t include specifics and I have a good reason for this. Even if is easier for me as a girl to just point to the thing I like, I actually love when my partner is taking the bull by the horns and start to look for things on his own, it makes me feel even more special knowing I am worth the trouble. This is why my 2018 wishlist only contains hints over the things I want, this is what you need for you to know what to look for when you search for the best destination for our magical journey. 🙂