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Vienna Luxury Escort Wine


The night is young and I really feel like writing, just another chill nights of your favourite Vienna Luxury Escort. Here I am having one of my most favourite treats before sleep, a glass of red wine. Today I had a meeting with one of my oldest friends and partners, a rich and powerful businessman from the USA living and working in Vienna.

He is the one that offered me as a gift this delicious wine I am tasting as I am writing the article, one bottle of a 2000 Chateau Latour Pauillac, a true delight for the soul I may add…  ( Yes, being a top Vienna Luxury Escort has its advantages, hehe)

I mention him because the conversation we had today lead to the topic I am approaching tonight. How can a businessman overcome the human urge to be involved in a relationship? It is obvious that if he wants his business to succeed most of his time needs to be invested in that business. What is the most convenient way for him being able to get something all humans needs and desire? You know that urge to feel someone close? As he said, in the early days just visiting a local escort did the trick, but as the time passed and his business got bigger he found himself happy with the business but completely miserable in his love life. He has come to understand something that we all figure out at some point, sex doesn’t feed all our desires.

What he did then was to refine his google searches, he wasn’t just looking for a Vienna Luxury Escort, he wanted more, he was hunting a girlfriend experience. What is the difference you may ask? Well, the girlfriend experience is a service elite escorts in Vienna and worldwide are offering to those men too busy with their career in order to have a relationship where the client doesn’t book just a few hours for the lust and carnal desires, instead he books long meetings ( two, three days or sometimes even a week) where he gets for an amount of time he considers fit a girlfriend experience. The Vienna Luxury Escort he was just visiting for passionate lovemaking is now offering him access to her personal area and those few days are transformed in experiences worth remembering for years to come, experiences that act as a fuel for any man.

Vienna Luxury Escort

Yes, I write this article knowing that my favourite thing to offer nowadays is The Girlfriend Experience, this is something that works best for both the escort and her partner. ( I always hated the term client, lol)

The escort, in this case, yours truly Elena Frances is having enough time to make herself comfortable and personal with her partner and the man gets exactly what he was hoping for, a few days of extasy in the company of his “short term” girlfriend, both of them having the time of their life with this new concept.

I would give more details about what is going on in this long meetings but I would rather just leave some things to your imagination…

Just as I will leave you with a special treat for that hungry imagination of yours… I am now taking the last sip of wine before I go to bed in my silk sheets. I have taken my clothes off and hydrated my skin with a soft care cream that smells like roses. I am closing this article with one small request….

Close your eyes and imagine you are in the bed waiting for me….

This is how the girlfriend experience with a top Vienna Luxury Escort starts….