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To my Darling Readers

Should you choose to live in Vienna then you will soon understand how embedded the idea of art is to our culture.

We live music, eat up theatre and breath art. No matter where you go you will be sure to encounter a statue or live art exhibition, there is simply no means of escaping it. As a Luxury Escort Wien Call Girl, I am extremely fortunate in knowing that my clients are as passionate about visiting cultured events as I am, thus am lucky to have visited some of the most famous paintings in Vienna by their side.

Here are some of the examples of hidden art treasures that you can only see when visiting Vienna.

Field Hare

It may seem odd to begin with a lesser known artist like Albrecht Dürer, but to the locals of Vienna, he is an artistic hero. Should you visit Vienna’s Albertina with your escort then you are sure to find his most famous work in the older mansion of the museum, “The Field Hare” (1502).

This portrait of a rabbit is so precious and apparently realistic, that it has only been shown twice over the five years it has called the Albertina its home. If you are not lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it, why not go to the Spanish Apartment in the Hapsburg staterooms to go find its duplicate?

The Collection of Klimt

No matter what romantic location you decide to take your escort, there will always be a famous treasure of Klimt hanging around that catches your eye. Whether its the Neue Galerie holding his many portraits or even the front entrance of the Fine Art Museum having hidden Klimt paintings hidden on the ceiling, there is always a famous Klimt that is waiting to be uncovered

However, I believe some of Klimt’s finest work hangs in the Belvedere: The Kiss and Judith. Both of these pieces show a raw sexuality in the faces of their characters, as well as a tender connection with their lover or with the viewer. It is the perfect thing to go see before you have a picnic in the Belvedere gardens, which can be perfect for any escort looking to mix culture with a laid-back dinner date.

The Tower of Babel

Another favourite of the Albertina comes Pieter Bruegel’s composition of The Tower of Babel which presents a gorgeous tribute to the biblical story. The guests of the Albertina are all usually impressed by the portraits tiny details, giving the structure an immense sense of grandeur and scale. It is not surprising that many artists often visit it for inspiration or to paint their own copy.

Jupiter and Io

Located in the Kunsthistorisches is one of my favourite paintings in Austria. The painting of Jupiter and Io presents a hidden sensuality and love between the characters that I find simply enthralling. Hidden aware from his lover, Jupiter embraces her but still aims to keep himself secret. I often wish I could experience this sort of fantasised romance with my favourite gentlemen, as I still find any sort of GOE or romantic fairytale to be simply charming, especially if it inspires a sensual scene later on in the bedroom of one of my favourite gentlemen.

The World of Art is simply Gorgeous

Once you are a local to Vienna you will find that all the art that has been preserved in this city is all in monuments to Vienna’s cultural past. Our golden age lives on through its paintings and we wish to maintain it. So, if you want to experience a truly cultured date, be sure to take your favourite escort to an art gallery or a gorgeously archaic museum. It is worth the visit

Hugs and Kisses,

Elena Francis