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To my Darling Gentlemen,

When it comes to dating a Luxury Escort Wien Call Girl, it can be easy to think of venues to take her to. Whether it is a simple restaurant or to The Weiner Staatsoper to see a classical or more modern opera, there is no harm in thinking outside of the box when it comes to the most intimate of dating adventures

Some of my most favourite dates have been centred around historical monuments, as they can provide some of the most gorgeous landscapes and happiest memories. Entering a historical mansion or palace in Vienna can make you feel royal yourself, it is simply a gorgeous experience altogether, so here are some ideas of the places that you can visit with your date.

Wien Museum Hermes Villa

Whilst the majority of romantic dates will be in the Schoenbrunn Palace, due to its gorgeous sprawling gardens, Klimt paintings and gorgeous water features, I find the Hermesvilla to be far more of a romantic setting

This gorgeous palace does not get as many tourists as it is hidden away to the west of the city, but its backstory is so romantic it will make your heart throb. The villa was created as a declaration of love by Emperor Francis Joseph to his beloved wife to keep her from extensively travelling abroad. The palace itself is gorgeous and is perfect for picnics in the gardens or romantic walks around the halls. It has a gorgeous fountain to rest beside when Vienna gets too hot and even has a restaurant nearby if you do not want to create a picnic. It is the perfect place to indulge in some history whilst enjoying a romantic mood.

The Karlskirche

If you want to stay close to the main city centre of Vienna, as you can get some romantic horse and carriage tours for couples around the city centre, one of the most stunning buildings in the area is The Karlskirche. Whilst it does have a gloomy backstory, due to it being built as a monument to plague victims, the inside is simply amazing.

With a ceiling painted with the most gorgeous of art, white marble pillars and a centrepiece made of gold, it is a fantastic area for a quick exploration before moving on to your next activity. What makes this church even more spectacular are the tours that allow you to go up to the ceiling. If you are not afraid of heights, then I would adore going up with my favourite gentlemen to get a closer look at some of the most beautiful art in all of Vienna

The Albertina

Nothing can be more intellectual than a quick visit to an art gallery, especially if it is to The Albertina, a museum adorned in gorgeous statues, fountains depicting classic myths and legends and housing only the most professional of paintings. The inside of the Albertina is a perfect place to simply have a nice quiet date whilst adoring the art on the inside. However, it is also the home of an older mansion where you can walk through and visit the older halls. There is even rumour of a famous picture of a Rabbit lurking inside of it! Allow me to make you feel like a King by wrapping my arm around you as we slowly stroll through all the culture that Vienna has to offer us.

What can be more Romantic than Culture?

Culture is the thing that makes Vienna such a special city. Not only can it flourish with its cafe culture and lifestyle, but it has a past that is truly magnificent to behold. I wish to go with only my favourite clients to these buildings. I hope that we can go out together soon!

Until then,

Elena Francis