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My Darling Readers,

Whilst I simply adore Winter and all of its snowy charms, sometimes I just can’t help but dislike its cold temperatures. A Hot-Blooded Luxury Escort Wien Call Girl, like myself, is a creature best suited to a sunny and warm environment, which is why I simply adore going on romantic holidays with my clients.

However, from the moment you see Vienna in the snow, you will see why I could never possibly leave Austria, for its capital is simply stunning when it is drenched in a beautiful white blanket. In order to indulge in its beauty, I simply indulge in a little self-pampering to ensure that I am always fully warmed up whenever I need to meet a new client for a fun date out in the snowy months of winter.

Hot Drinks

When winter arrives in Austria, the first thing I love to do is prepare a wide array of hot drinks that can keep me warm both inside and out. Whether you prefer a warm coffee, hot chocolate or even mulled wine, should you choose to go out in the snow then you can always come home to a warm drink to warm you up from the bitter weather.

Better still, if you have a metal container with a cup then you can take your hot drink with you. As I am a Luxury Escort Wien Call Girl, I do adore being taken out on a walk around a gorgeous park. However, should my client want to warm up during the cold weather, I always have a flask of hot chocolate or tea on me to ensure that we can both remain comfortable if we stop for a rest or for a quick bite to eat. Whatever my handsome clients need, I will always be there to fully satisfy them.

Warm Baths

After a hard day’s work, you may start to feel bodily pain and even a little cold if you have been forced to endure a long commute. Therefore, the first thing you should think of is of how a nice bath can truly warm you up. The warm water can soothe any aching muscles, especially if you add in some bubble path to raise your pamper time to a whole new level. If you want to add a little spice to your warm bath, you can either invite your partner to join you or, if your partner is feeling kind enough, ask for a potential massage. After a bath, your muscles have been completely relaxed, thus it is the best time to have them rubbed. I, myself, simply adore seeing the look of pure bliss on my clients’ faces when I rub their tender backs as it truly makes them indulge in the tranquillity of the moment.

Bundling Up

Keeping warm no longer has to come at the expense of looking good. After all, fashion has moved on to indulge in brightly coloured fabrics, wools and faux-furs. Therefore, the Winter time can simply enhance your wardrobe rather than detract from it. I always ensure that my fashion highlights my body even if I wear more layers during the winter. I always dress to impress and have never failed to deliver, even when the weather turns chilly. You will be entranced within moments.

Fireside Fun

If you are lucky to have a Fireplace in your home, then why not switch it in instead of having the radiators on full blast? Watching a Fireplace crackle away with the lights turned off can be extremely romantic, especially if you have the opportunity to watch the snow lightly drift down from outside your window.

Invite your partner over on a cold wintery evening to “warm you up” with their kisses and snuggles. This can truly fire up the passion of your evening, especially if you both cuddle in front of the fire on a soft rug. For myself, I also adore adding a glass of red wine to the mix so that I can indulge in a sophisticated palette alongside my client. From there, you can simply talk or just indulge in the quiet tranquillity of the atmosphere. Whatever your choice is, you will feel relaxed and wonderfully warm cuddling up together.

Hugs and Kisses

Elena Francis