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Generally, one of the most popular question and dilemma at the same time for many men is what women want. I, as an escort in Wien, I can tell you that finding out what men want is a difficult task too. However, after a long experience, I can successfully guess what the man next to me wants, though this doesn’t make the pleasure of exploring each other less exciting.


What’s important to know is that every man is different and has different tastes. Some men prefer blondes, other redheads or other brunettes. Some like a wild and crazy night, while others just want to relax and to unwind in a pleasant company. Some like to talk during intimate moments or others hate talking at all. But the bottom line is that in essence, men like the same thing as women: to receive attention. Whether you like to admit it or not, men also adore to be spoiled and feel good when a woman gives them her full attention.

Another thing I’ve noticed throughout the years is that men in general love to be surprised. Even though the night might start as a chill one, with romantic things and long conversations, you can be sure a truly experienced Wien escort like me will surprise you at some point. Whether it will be a crazy fantasy, a surprise just when you thought you have seen it all or an unexpected sexual surprise, you will just have to come and see it for yourself to believe it!


Remember that it’s very important to have next to you a woman that has lots of experience and that will know how to recognize even the smallest clues that you enjoy a certain moment or position. More than that, I can challenge your limits and show you things maybe you haven’t even thought of. What’s certain is that you have nothing to lose, only lots of moments of pleasure to gain and to remember!



Elena Frances